Having a beautiful styling surface is so helpful when shooting details. The best part is that these roll up (they’re completely flexible!) and can be placed in a bag for super easy storage and transport. Perfect for bringing along on a wedding day to capture the details or store in your studio without taking up a lot of space. 



Hi lovely!


I'm so glad you're here! I'm Jaime, a story telling, nature loving artist who grew up in the deep woods of Michigan and has now found myself in the big city of LA. No matter where I am, I find myself inspired by nature, creating, and being simply rooted.

I've played many roles in the creative and wedding industry, but have always found myself drawn to the amazing community of vendors. After spending time with some of the amazing photographers in Los Angeles, I really saw a need for a backdrop that was easy to bring with on a wedding day or clean after a creative shoot. After months of engineering and testing we developed our Flexible Styling Surfaces to meet that need. My heart is to help make styling and presenting you and your clients work less stressful. 




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