The Start of the Story

Simply Rooted

As we enter into this fall season I sit reflecting on this past summer. I was able to experience and learn so much and I want to share a bit of that with you... So here is the start of my story. 

I believe that everything created has a purpose. In February of this year I started Simply Rooted and over the last few months I have begun to see so many passions, desires, and the things my heart beats harder for connect and make sense together. I want what I do and what I create to bring joy and freedom. I believe art can make such an impact on our lives through the emotions and message it evokes. I am passionate about telling stories that will inspire and encourage others. 

Initially, when I came up with the name Simply Rooted, I just thought it sounded nice... as I thought more about it, what my own journey looked like, and what my heart is behind the company, some revelations surfaced that have completely shaped the way I think, live, and run my business.

One of the big areas that struck me was the realization of how much I struggle with perfectionism, especially in my art. I started teaching myself calligraphy in 2012 using books and online resources. I was specifically studying a traditional form of pointed pen called Copperplate. This is a very beautiful structured script and I quickly got caught up in all the rules. I felt like my work wasn't very strong since it wasn't "perfect" like others that I saw, so I didn't share it with anyone. I like to compare myself in that season to an oak tree... One of those big giant ones that you only notice when walking down the street because the roots are so deep and strong that they break through the sidewalk. I was so focused on trying to strengthen my roots and foundations. 

One day, after being challenged by my sister-in-law, I decided to start an Instagram and put myself out there. I was drawn to the phrase Simply Rooted and thought it seemed like a good fit, but I wasn't completely sold. I decided to research a few different things to see if there was a connection anywhere and immediately turned to my favorite flowers, the Icelandic Poppies. I didn't know much about them and was amazed as I began to read their story. They are an arctic flower that grows in the tundra, where only a few inches of soil thaws for them each year. These beautiful flowers bloom together in all their uniqueness, as their awkward long fuzzy stems come up from the ground with a big heavy bud on top. As the sun moves across the sky they turn towards the light to find their nutrients and slowly begin to open up and reveal their beautiful colors and paper thin petals. These beauties have no care or worry of what they look like, how they compare to others, or even who's watching. They grow together, and in my mind probably encourage one another too. And my favorite part of all... they're not concerned about how deep their roots are because they're more focused on blooming - they're Simply Rooted. 

My hope and prayer as I enter into these next seasons is that I can be like the Icelandic Poppies. That I can encourage and bring others alongside me in the journey. That I focus on the Son, remain Simply Rooted, and bloom freely. 

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