Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

The custom stationery process, in an ideal world, is best to start at least 6 months prior to your wedding, earlier if you are mailing save the dates, so please consider this as you are planning out your timeline. If you're cutting it close, there are some ways I can cut down on time, so please let me know right away. 

A full invitation suite typically take 3 months from start to finish, and should be mailed 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding (I do not recommend mailing any earlier). I typically begin working on reception pieces 1-2 months before your wedding.


How do I know what wording to use?

Trying to figure out wording, formality, and etiquette can certainly be a daunting task, but that's why I'm here! I'll send you a list of options for wording and walk you through any questions you may have. 


How many invitations should I order?

When calculating your quantity, be sure to count addresses rather than individuals. Invitations are typically mailed to households, so your quantity will likely be lower than your headcount. I do, however, always recommend a few more than you think you need (around 15 to 20 extra). Nothing is worse than realizing some one accidentally got left off the list, so I always work with my brides to make sure we have extra for keepsakes and for those last minute additions. Adding more later can be costly and delay delivery.


When should I mail my invitations?

I recommend mailing your invitations out 6 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding. If it is a destination wedding it is best to send them 8 to 10 weeks prior. Don't forget the design process can take up to 3 months as well, so be sure to account for that. If you are also sending save the dates I recommend those be mailed out 6 to 9 months prior to your wedding date. 


Is there a minimum order?

Wedding budgets can vary greatly, but typically 5% to 10% of the budget is allocated towards paper goods. As long as you book $1,000 worth of paper goods, we can do any combination of stationery, calligraphy and custom signage for your wedding.


What paper types and printing styles do you offer?

There are so many printing methods out there, but the ones I currently offer are flat-print, foil, and letterpress on handmade or cotton paper. To determine which method is best for you, we'll talk about your personal and wedding style, your vision and overall look and feel.


Great! How do I get started?

Yay, this is wonderful news and I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Just fill out the form below so I can get an idea of your wedding style and budget. I'll reply within 2 business days, and we will take it from there!


What type of artwork do you offer?

I currently offer calligraphy, illustration, watercolor and graphic design. Each piece of art is custom for each client. 


Do you offer addressing services?

Absolutely! Since I include calligraphy in all of my designs, I also offer addressing services so that all of the pieces from the envelope to the day of goods match! 


Do you offer assembly and mailing? Do you mail invitations for clients?

Yes! Assembly and mailing services are included for all of my brides who use my addressing services. Please note that I cannot guarantee how the invitation will look as it arrives in your guests’ mailboxes. Additionally, I have no control over missing or damaged invitations.


What Payment Method Do you Accept?

Simply Rooted accepts all major forms of credit cards.


Where is Sales Tax Charged?

Sales tax is charged in the state of California.


How much does it cost?

Everything I offer is custom and there are  many different factors to give you an accurate estimate (i.e. quantity needed, number of enclosures, paper and printing process selected, etc.). Contact me for a custom quote!


What are your services?

Simply Rooted is an heirloom stationery design studio specializing in fully custom wedding invitations and day of event paper needs. Calligraphy services include addressing envelopes, place cards, escort cards, custom signage, transcription of vows, and much more.


Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Simply Rooted couples and clients live all over the world, and I work hard to ensure fast and reliable shipping no matter where you're located. 


Can I rush my project?

Get in touch and I'll see if I can fit you in! Rush availability depends on the current schedule/workload and will be subject to a rush fee. I’d love to help if I can!


Any Other Questions? Just Ask Here or email me at