10% of profits go to the work of THE HOUSE OF REFUGE*.

My ultimate goal in the work that I do is to make an impact, specifically in women’s lives around the world. I want my art to not only tell your story, but be part of someone else’s rescue story. From the time I was in college, I’ve visited many countries and worked with women and children around the globe. From teaching young mothers the art and trade of making jewelry in Romania (a country with one of the highest rates of abandoned children), to teaching English and bringing hope to a village where children were sold into sex slavery as a cultural tradition, my heart has beat hard for this issue that so many face around the world.

South Africa is a huge part of my story. I spent a summer interning for an organization called Ignite South Africa, served on a short term trip with my now-husband, was proposed to at the end of the trip, and last but not least, my mom is the Founder of the organization and has lived there full time since 2009. I now have the honor of sitting on the board of directors for Ignite South Africa, and the most recent addition to the work we are doing is the House of Refuge.

*THE HOUSE OF REFUGE is a safe house for orphaned or at-risk pregnant teens. They offer in-home support, as well as a helpline and education for girls, especially those prey to abuse and sex trading. Learn more at www.ignitesouthafrica.org