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I'm Jaime, a story telling, nature loving artist who grew up in the deep woods of Michigan and has now found myself in the big city of Los Angeles. No matter where I am, I find myself inspired by nature, creating, and being simply rooted - that's where I thrive.

My designs are a thoughtful process. As I listen to your story I intentionally include elements of it into the design in both obvious and subtle ways. Hearing about how you fell in love and your wedding dreams are the things that inspire me as we collaborate and create your invitation suite. Your wedding is the start of a beautiful partnership you were created for - a celebration of a covenant being made. My intention is to create an heirloom that your guests can experience, and that you will be able to look back at, remembering the beginning of love story. That’s what inspires me to create.

On a typical day you can find me next to our big open window in my home studio either painting and creating… or organizing, purging, and reorganizing something. I am inspired by the simplicity of natural beauty: woods, farms, animals, and handmade pieces. When I slow down and create negative space, the process and stories become much more valuable.  I am passionate about telling stories through my art that will inspire and encourage others.

I have been honored to work with couples across the country. It's amazing to think that years later they will look back at what we created together and be reminded of all the beautiful memories.

Simply Rooted Favorites

I'm in love with my handsome, Jesus loving husband, spending time in the bible, and encouraging women. I have an addiction to learning new things (as well as purging and simplifying) and I could spend all day watching Icelandic Poppies unfold as they bloom. 



What I'm About

Focusing on What Matters

Perspective changes everything, so I try to stay focused on what matters. In my own personal life as well as in the projects I'm working on. It's not about getting the perfect design (although I love that too), but it's about the things that mean so much more!

Encouraging Others

I LOVE recognizing the beauty and good things about those around me and building them up in that. It's such an important part of doing life together. We each have our own unique story and you never know the ripple effect a little bit of encouragement can make. 

Being Always Grateful

When you walk in gratitude it opens your eyes to the other blessings in life! I much prefer to get caught up in the good things than distracted and brought down by the loosing sight of them. No matter what challenges I face, recognizing what I have to be grateful for opens the door for joy. 

Creating Relationship

Life is better together!
I love creating real intentional relationship, even if it's awkward and uncomfortable in the beginning. It is so worth it in the long run because we have so much to learn from each other and share with each other.


“I just got to my mom's and tore open the guest book package. It is everything I thought it would be and more! You did an amazing job!! Thank you, thank you!! It's a really special book for us, and I'm glad my crazy idea worked. You are so talented.”

- Sierra J.


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